curiosity on demand

“Get to the point, I don't have time to waste.”

Should you ever want a person to understand that you don't care about them, this line works wonders. With this incantation, poof - you turn a conversation into a transaction, a road trip into a commute. Sometimes, that's all you want.

Just don't expect to see that person much in the future.

And yet, when it comes to learning to cook, or code, or exercise, we demand the same from our instructors. Give me sixty minutes of exercise in seven minutes. Teach me four years of engineering in twelve weeks. Get to the point, I don't have time to waste.

In chasing efficiency as a novice, you send yourself a signal that you don't care about the skill, just the skill's results.

The way to show you care about anything is to waste your time with it.

You'll quickly find that the hobbies you don't show love have a way of ghosting. Just like people.