curiosity on demand

I wonder what would happen if Facebook News Feed read in chronological order, rather than reverse chronological order.

Imagine, every day, you open up Facebook on your laptop or your phone, and the top story is the first update from when you opened your account. For me, that would be in March 2004. The only way to get to the updates from today is to scroll down through the years, people, and places you've met along the way. Every time.

How might that reorient our sense of self? Might it pull our attention away from the distracting chatter of today's news trivia, and affix it to the events that turned out to actually matter to our lives?

Would we better appreciate the friends we've gained and lost?

Would we remember last year's lessons so as to not repeat them tomorrow?

Would we stop listening to the same pundits whose predictions are proven wrong time and time and time again when we see their self-sure B.S. naked in the light of hindsight?

Would we become more firmly rooted to who we were, or less?

Would we think less about who we are, and more about who we are becoming?