curiosity on demand

Coding bootcamps swept the Bay Area a few years ago as two demands converged: startups' demand for programmers, and liberal arts majors' demand for stable, well-paying jobs. In a typical bootcamp, students study programming and build websites for twelve to sixteen 80-hour weeks with the goal of landing a programming job after graduation (tuition: 12k-18k). The model has proven effective enough to warrant their rapid spread to every major U.S. and E.U. city.

Given that, I propose that we expand the coding bootcamp model to train other high-demand skills and address some critical gaps in our generation's competencies:

  • Starting a cult or LLC bootcamp
  • Effective altruism bootcamp
  • Understanding historical context and systemic bias bootcamp
  • Taking personal and professional risks bootcamp
  • Extraversion for introverts bootcamp
  • Accepting criticism bootcamp
  • Authentic kindness bootcamp
  • Dealing with failure bootcamp
  • Feeding yourself and others bootcamp
  • Eye contact bootcamp
  • Taking responsibility for the problem and the solution bootcamp
  • Remembering where you put the thing bootcamp
  • Not checking Twitter bootcamp
  • Fix anything in your house bootcamp
  • Calling your mom more often bootcamp
  • Feeling comfortable with long silences bootcamp
  • Taking a decent selfie bootcamp
  • Living with another person bootcamp
  • Putting weights away after you're done using them at the gym bootcamp (men only)
  • Feeling content by yourself bootcamp
  • Feeling content around other people bootcamp
  • Twerking bootcamp