curiosity on demand

The programmer looks at the writer and thinks, “Ah, she just writes words on a page and makes up whatever she wants. It's all feelings, nothing objective. Not that hard.”

The writer looks at the painter and thinks, “Looks relaxing. He can just move his hand and paint what's in front of him while listening to music and call it a day. Not that hard.”

The painter looks at the photographer and thinks, “All she does is click a button. Takes literally less than a second. Not that hard.”

The photographer looks at the barista and thinks, “Must be nice for him, getting to make coffee and chat with folks all day. Not that hard.”

The barista looks at the owner of the coffee shop and thinks, “Wow, she drops in, tells us what to do, and is out before lunch. Not that hard.”

The owner of the coffee shop looks at the programmer and thinks, “Are you kidding, six figures straight out of college to type on a computer and play ping-pong every day? Not that hard.”

The funny thing is, they're all right.