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My newest story, How To Kill A Witch, draws from the lessons of Nassim Taleb's Antifragile.

Taleb defines as antifragile those things which grow stronger from disorder and harm. Most physical objects are fragile: push a ceramic pot off a table, and the pot is not improved, unless you are a wabi-sabi adherent.

Ideas, on the other hand, tend to be antifragile. Repress an idea through violence and it grows more pervasive.

How To Kill A Witch explores the dynamics of antifragility inside a popular uprising. You see this conflict everywhere once you know how to look for it, from the rise of Trumpism shocking the Republican party to the ascent of Daniel Bryan as WWE's rebel hero in back in 2014.

To recap, I assert that:

  1. Election politics are the same as professional wrestling 2) Professional wrestling can be used to illustrate every cultural phenomenon 3) I am unable to hold a conversation these days without name-checking Nassim Taleb or Daniel Bryan

Check out How To Kill A Witch at The Statement.