curiosity on demand

Let's not pretend you aren't a hero. And as you wander your world map in the direction of your next quest objective, you are going to encounter enemies at random intervals. Sure, you could tank through your battles, soak up damage and mindlessly swipe away at your foes. This might suffice through your small skirmishes, the weak and timid challengers to your productivity.

But why not play to your strengths? The better you understand how to use the items and magic you have at your disposal, the more flexibly and confidently you will deal with the razor-toothed, thickly-carapaced fuckers that guard the entrance to the temple.

Know your buffs and auras, Hero.

Buffs are items and spells that strengthen you for a short duration. In a typical game, you might have the following buffs:

Attack up: Sharpen your daily work - Examples: Eight hours of sleep, eating well, 5 minutes of intense poetry or music before work, coffee. Defense up: Resist anything or anybody that drains at your energy or attention - Examples: Meditation, blocking news and social media sites, coffee. Speed up: Get things done more efficiently - Examples: Morning journaling, Pomodoro timer, coffee. Stamina up: Work harder for longer - Examples: Jazz, classical and minimal electronica, coffee. Health up: Restore your energy immediately - Examples: Naps, conversation with a close friend, coffee. Regeneration: Increase your energy in increments over time - Examples: Short walking breaks, giving complements, coffee. Perception up: Increase the chance that your work moves your target audience - Examples: Reading for 30 minutes a day, asking questions, coffee.

Auras are heroes or spaces that strengthen you as long as you are near them. In a typical game, you might encounter:

Hero units: People that inspire you to resist defeat, to aim further, to hit harder - Examples: Professional mentors, friends that lift you, podcast interviews with accomplished guests. Areas of effect: Sacred spaces, inside which you are impervious to harm, inside which you grow stronger by the moment - Examples: Your favorite cafe, a room that you have personally decorated, a local park.

Here's what you do, Hero. Sit down tonight and identify your IRL buffs and auras.